Hello Ms. Phyllis

Or why some stories are too beautiful not to exist in poetry.

Sometimes as writers we come across stories or meet people that are just too fantastic not to write about. The following poem, Dating Elvis, is a story about an amazing woman who struggled with down syndrome. She passed away in 2010, but the memory of this lovely soul continues to live in others as well as in poetry. (With Audio, Simply click the title.)

Dating Elvis

I remember when this was the International
Before the Hilton took over.
Four times a year, I came to Las Vegas.
He knew it was for him.
Sure, I loved the lights and the money,
But his smile was what kept me coming.
Wearing my best Cassini dress, like
Jackie O,
He couldn’t resist me.
Escorted to the front row
At every show, I never had to
Wait in line like the others.
I was his girl. He winked at me
On stage as if he didn’t care who saw.
He sang our song as if he didn’t
Care who knew it was mine.
He even kissed me every time
As if no one could see us.
He would step off the stage
Walk over to me, and whisper
“Would it be a sin.”
I never expected him
To leave her for me, I was happy
With just my four kisses a year.

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A typical alcoholic poet living in London
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